Faceplate on 42S


I have found a 42S with the faceplate missing. With faceplate I mean the plate that is glued on the keyboard and has the shift key legends on it. Does anyone out there know how to find a new or used faceplate? Any help would be really appreciated.


I need it too.


the one i had was loose at one corner too. guess this is a common problem.


I needed a "legend" for the blank (painted black) keyboard of my HP-14B case which holds HP-42S circuitry & display.

I printed the MoHPC's HP-42S image on a color printer, cut it down to only the keyboard portion, laminated it, and taped it in "flip-out" fashion to the back of the calculator (between the rubber feet). Now, to see the calculator keys, I just flip it out, and mentally translate the key functions, using the attached keyboard image. It fits inside the slipcover & everything -- pretty cool.

For a real HP-42S, you might do something similar, printing it to full scale and laminating. Then, cut out the key images with an Exacto knife, and glue to the front of the calculator?

Good luck!

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