HP-92 ac charger


Just got an hp-92 as a gift and it doesn't have the ac charger. The battery pack looks nearly new and there is no corosion inside the battery compartment. Any idea where I can get the ac charger or possibly modify a charger? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


the HP92 uses the same charger as the HP97, HP91, HP19C, and the HP peripheral printer, cassette drive and HPIL printer.

These are fairly easy to find, since they were used for so many machines.

Best place might be either the classifieds here or on ebay.

Good luck!


Thanks Gene & Eric, will try E-Bay and maybe someone in classifieds will see this and respond.

Best wishes



The US adapter went through several versions. Look for HP part number 82059B through 82059D. The adapters for other countries are the 82066 (220V Europe), 82067B (230V UK), 82068 (220V Australia), and 82069 (not sure where?).


Went to E-Bay and found one for $14.94 delivered to my mailbox, so I bought it. Thanks to both of you for sharing your knowledge.

Best wishes


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