What is the newest HP 49g+ model


As per the subject, what is the most current iteration of this HP 49g+ calculator? I looked at a couple of units, but I couldn't find any identifying marks. Serial number? Packaging?

How does the HP 48GII compare? The serial port seems to be rather archaic compared to the 49g+'s USB port. The 48GII looks better, but that isn't really important. :)

Thanks in advance.

Joe Edwards


Hi, Joe;

I own one of each, and my HP49G+ seems to be from the the first lote or close to it. After uploading the newer, 2.0 OS version, it seems to me it is more stable, more reliable. It used to miss keys frequently, I don't remember having this happening enough times to bother me after the upgrade.

About the HP49G+, what I actually take as big advantages over the HP48GII are:

1 - memory space - more than 1MBytes available, expandable through SD card; the HP48GII reduces the user RAM to about 80KBytes;

2 - upgradable OS;

3 - larger LCD - the HP49G has extra lines (don't recall how many), enough to show 7 stack levels (medium font size) against 5 in the HP48GII.

As you mentioned, the HP49G+ has USB connection against RS232 in the HP48II. If you are using old computers, they all have RS232 and you should add extra hardware plus drivers to add connectivity support for the HP49G+, while it is easier to the HP48GII. Interesting: both share the same connector, meaning you can use ones cable in the other. Not necessary to mention that it does not mean one connecting through the other door...

I also agree with the look.

Others will surely add their impressions.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Thank you for some light on this subject.
What is the best way to determine the 'generation' of an HP49G+ from the outside (prior to buying) ?


I also appreciate the detailed information, but I'm still at a loss as to determine which interation of the 49g+ is which from the outside blister pack. Thanks.



The latest models have a silver sticker on the back with a serial number. Anything without the sticker will be from older stock.



Thanks. I will check out the units at my bookstore today. Must remember...silver sticker.

Take care.


As sawn at my "dealer" : not sticker = no sale

Only 199 Euros, too !!!

Maybe next year when Europe is no longer an aftermarket for remains of other more lucky countries.

HP calc distribution in a severe state of distress.


The serial port seems to be rather archaic compared to the 49g+'s USB port.

In my opinion, other than the marginally better looks, the serial port is the only thing the 48GII has going for it.


I guess I should ask this question to clarify my confusion. The the serial/usb connections on the 48GII and 49g+ hardware specific to the calculator or is the only difference the cable? Also, is it correct that the 49GII isn't firmware upgradeable? Thanks.



1) Different port connectors - so the internals of the calculator are different.

2) The serial port hp48gII is not firmware upgradable.


1) Different port connectors - so the internals of the calculator are different.

2) The serial port hp48gII is not firmware upgradable.

Thanks for the update, Gene. I am bit confused behind HP's decision to design a (large calc) practical twin of the 49g+ without an upgradeable firmware. If they could foresee a need to upgrade the 49g+, how did they expect to fix the same problems on the 48GII, other than by just fixing the firmware with the next version. Doesn't make any sense.


I hate to second guess Hp, but I am going to blame Marketing.

The Hp48Gx was extremely popular and there was still a demand for an RS-232 port. Hence Hp marketing decided that they could still sell such a machine, only problem, Hp didn't still make one. No problem, can the Hp49G+ platform do this while not robbing sales of their great new wonderful high end platform? Why YES! YES, it can!

Now that Hp was going to market such a machine, and yet not rob sales from the 49G+, Hp marketing, then decided they had to reduce features (never mind that the original intent was to offer an Hp48GX replacement).

If you have any experience with large corporation decisions you can certainly imagine how it went from there.

The final calculator has a crippled RS-232 that can't drive any RS-232 devices, but only hook up to a Pc RS-232 port (heck, that aint any better than the USB aside from an easier transfer routine).
The RAM was also reduced to 80K(probably should have been 256K or 512K fixed). Since the ROM isn't flash upgradable, it can't keep current with any software improvements either (such as the new eqw library which is now missing from this 48g line). None of these really cost any more than the existing line, just decisions to avoid overlapping or robbing sales from the Hp49G+. In the end, you end up with another Pink elephant on the shelf.

I end my rant. I am also only speculating on this, it is probably worse.


You know I could accept the lesser memory, the serial port (even though I don't see a use since it only hooks to a PC port), and the smaller screen, but the lack of a flashable firmware seems like it would just cost HP money in the long run as folks will just avoid the 48GII and buy the upgradeable 49G+. I don't see the cost savings, but I am not a market "expert". :)


That non feature has already cost Hp million$$$ and some extra egg on their faces, though maybe none of you noticed. Bo)

The first Hp48Gii's had Rom 1.22 installed. This contained a major battery Drain bug that resulted in a supposed total recall. Owners of the Hp49G+ simply upgraded their ROM to 1.23 and THAT problem went away.


Since it doesn't seem absolutely clear, the communication ports on the 48gii and the 49g+ are the same. Only the cables are different. A 48gii can connect to a pc with a usb cable from an mp3 player.


Hey, Guest;

I'm confused: I was curious enough to test the HP48GII cable in the HP49G+ and opposedly, and I did so (should not mention that, though...). I did not succeed connecting them to the computer with the changed cables (and ports...). Using the corresponding cable, both worked perfecty fine in the same computer running the same connectivity software. One thing I actually did not get, though: based on what you mention in your post, should both the HP48GII and HP49G+ communication ports support either USB or RS232 signals and protocol? I am not aware of that.

In time: both the newer HP39G and the HP49G+ share both the same cable and USB hardware/protocol; is there a chance that you confused?


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 28 Jan 2006, 11:03 p.m.

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