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I recently purchased a HP45 with a charger made for the US. I have a charger for the HP67 made for Australia. It says "INPUT: 172 to 254V AC, 50HZ, 5Watts - OUTPUT: 50MA, 4.2V, 4V, 150MA". Does anybody know whether I can safely use this with the HP 45 or am I likely to fry it?


Hi Neil,

Both of those machines (67 and 45) use the same battery pack.
The chargers should be interchangable. If your Aussie charger will fit the receptacle on the 45, this is further assurance of compatability. However, just to be sure, please wait for confirmation from another one of the fine individuals who posts regularly on this forum, which I'm sure will be forthcoming.

Best regards, Hal


The HP67 and HP45 use the same chargers. And the outputs you've quoted will are right for the 45 too.


Thanks Hal and Tony for your help!

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