32SII Not Responding to any key strokes


Help! I recently bought a 32SII which only displays EQN LIST TOP no matter what you do. I have tried all the reset techniques in the manual, shorted out the battery contacts, left the batteries out for 2 days. When any key or combination is depressed, the ! shows up at the bottom of the display until the key is released, and the display returns to EQN LIST TOP. I think its time for surgery. How do you open up a 32SII? Thanks. prg


It might be the keyboard contacts, try lightly squeezing the front and back together just below the display and using the keyboard at the same time. carefull not to squeeze too much or it could dent the bezel.


Info on opening the 32SII (and all pioneers) can be found here and here. It sounds like you have a problem in the keyboard itself. Access and repair to this part of the calculator is not for the faint of heart. That said, I believe that Paul Brogger (author of the two linked articles) has had success with such repairs.
Good luck!

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