HP 32SII - which year is best?


Hey everyone, I just bought an HP 32SII on Ebay and the serial number is 3619M08959. As I'm sure you know that implies it was made in Malaysia around May 1996. I also have a second one due any day in the mail.

My question is whether there is any year or country of origin that would be most desirable?

It seems like the latest model of the brown bezel would be most desirable since it might have all the rom bugs fixed? Or maybe one made in Germany or Japan would be higher quality etc? Did the switch to silver bezel occur sometime after production moved to Indonesia in 1997?



Another serial number for sale on Ebay:

Indonesia, Jan 1999.

Would this be better (in some way) than the one I have? It also has a brown bezel.



I'd go for a later Singapore model. Early ones had a bug in the fraction mode. Mine is from '91, Week 36 (3136S.....)and definitly has the bug. I think the Singapore keyboards are unbeaten, very soft but still with a good tactile feedback.



I do not like the Indonesian produced versions because the numbers are only painted on the keys. In my opinion, I would try to get one made in Singapore, and not later than 1994 sp you can get the keys with the numbers molded in. A coworker has a 32sii mf'd in Singapore in 1995, and it only has the painted-on numbers.


Thanks (to both of you)! This is the kind of info I was looking for. So hopefully one in 1993 has the fraction bug fixed and the molded keys. I wonder when the fraction bug was definitely fixed? Would it be obvious looking at a close-up photo whether it has the molded keys?


I just bought a 32SII with a serial number of 3207S05688 that does not have the fraction bug. Hope that helps.


Wow, that means my 32sii is at least 14 years old!


Out of nostalgia, I like my USA model Hp32sii the best. Funny, my older Hp32s is made in Indonesia, I believe.

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