Old 48g menus on hp49


I've heard that I can use old hp 48G on a hp 49g/+.
I mean I type " 75 MENU " and I get hp48 solver menu.
Anyone know how to find the list of menu numbers?




The list of all menu numbers can be found in the HP49g+ Advanced User Reference Manual.

This is on hpcalc.org and the hp.com/calculators website on the 49g+ page under the manual link.



Hi, Gene,

Any news on whether we'll see a hardcopy version of the 49G+ AUR? I've been using the PDF version quite a lot, but a real manual (as in "hand"-ual) would be a boon.




To my knowledge as of today, there are no plans by HP to offer a printed copy of the 49g+ AUR.

Note that there never were any plans to have an actual product offered by HP (with an HP product number) for sale of the printed copy of the 49g+ AUR, but there had been the possibility of some sort of deal/arrangement with another party to allow printed copies to be acquired/produced.

That does not appear to be in the offing now.

So, to get a printed copy of the AUR, take the PDF to a copy shop and start negotiating with the vendor.


So, to get a printed copy of the AUR, take the PDF to a copy shop and start negotiating with the vendor.

That was going to be my next question. 8)

The download site at HP has the following text:

About these files:

These manuals are provided as a courtesy to our customers for printing only. ..

That sounds like the sort of message I'd like my local copy shop to get, but it's vague as to whether "for printing only" means by the customer, or by a print shop on behalf of a customer. And then the manual itself has this standard clause:

Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of this manual is prohibited without prior written permission of Hewlett-
Packard Company, except as allowed under the copyright laws

And that's what the guy at the copy shop sees coming out of his machine.

Without getting too tangled up with corporate lawyers, do you know of a clearer statement of HP policy regarding printing the manuals?



That's always the problem, of course.

I would think Kinko's would be ok with printing the PDF.

Best of luck,


FWIW, Staples has no problem producing a copy based on disclaimers for user's purposes. I imagine HP would be happy if someone else produced hard copy for say about $20. After all the "Guide" is only 861 pages using up nearly a reem of paper printed both sides, AUR is considerably less.

Kind of ridiculous to carry a calculator for field work while needing a laptop to read the manual The size of either manual has to impress clients, internal or external, when you show up with such power for field support. This little device has more functions than MathCad. Need a manual though to reference all its power and access to numbered menus, for example.

It was explained to me several months ago by tech support that a policy decision was made by senior management at HP to honor the environment by cutting back on paper and that user manuals weren't considered a priority item, especially when they could use Adobe and PDF files.



Why then do they print a user guide for the 33s which is a much simpler machine than the 49?


'Break even' 'Expected sales' 'Page count' / X>Y?

is true.


I've used http://www.printfu.org in the past to print large PDF files, like HP calculator manuals. You upload the PDF file to their site, then they print it double-sided, bind it, and mail you the result. I'd recommend their service.


Thank you.

I didn't have the chance to put my hands on the manual yet, since I'm working with borrow hp 49g with no documentation.

I'll download it.


Just an off-topic tip, but you can access Menu 75 by holding right shift and 7, and pressing the soft menu option "root".

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