strange line in HP-42S program


I have tried to enter the Digital Dice program for the HP-42S found in the software library of the HP museum. Without manual (it was lost several years ago) I still managed to enter all lines except one...I have no idea how I should enter line 29 |-"?" (vertical line-horizontal line-cite-question mark-cite). The closes I come is writing it like a string "|-"?"" or using the function I-, but...I cannot get it to work as expected... . Can anyone help?



The symbol is the APPEND command for alpha characters. While in alpha mode press the ENTER key and the APPEND symbol will be entered on the program line. Then add the ? as you would any other alpha character then hit the ENTER key to finish.

What the APPEND symbol does is tell the 42S that there is additional alpha characters to add to the display beyond its program line entry length limits and to add these characters at the end of the text aready in the alpha register.



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