I am having a problem here. Can anyone help me with this configuration?

I have a Tape drive on a HP ProLiant ML350 G3 Server. I cannot do any backup. I checked to see if something is wrong. I went to the bios of the server, pressed F8. It can detect HDs, The only Tape Drive, but then says SCI Bios not loaded,Let the machine do the test to the tape drive, good, it is done, then asked me to insert media in. I did. Then it says "!!!!!The Tape is not Tape-DR Compliant!!!!!" Then again it says "!!!!!Tape Drive is Not set in OBDR mode!!!!!

What do I do here, any help??



You should have purchased the HP-49G+ instead. Those are easy to backup, and we could have helped you with that.


Smart answer: If the tape was RPN I bet it would still work.

Better answer: This is a vintage calculator site, though a lot of us probably use computers professionally.

Speaking from experience, I feel your pain. Tape drives are just about the worst backup devices ever invented, though I had decent luck with Radio Shack cassette players + TRS-80s. Multi-kilobuck DLT drives seem to thrive on a steady diet of shredded polyester and ferric oxide and they grind their heads down to nubbins every three full backups.

Just accept that tape is a write-only medium, and you'll feel a little better about the whole exercise.


The ol' "HP Forum" in the masthead fools another one.

It's remarkable what people will miss when they know what they are doing. I had a problem logging in to a particular site. It wouldn't take my user ID, which was a long string of numbers. I ended up always having to go to the "recover password" screen, where I could log in using my email address. Since I had a work-around, I never bothered support with the issue. But one day, I guess I was a little bored, and I put in a trouble ticket. Well, it turns out my username wasn't the long string of digits, but a more normal string of letters. Puzzled at how I could have made such an error, I went through the "recover password" screen again. After my successful log in, I got a screen that looked like this:

Click here to go get some work done.

Matched User ID: NNNNNNN

Username: xyz

Password: abcdfghi

Make a note of your username and password!

I had been hypnotized by the second line! I was looking for the username that I hadn't been able to successfully enter, saw the ID number and stopped thinking. I actually would go to the file where I had the number stored at that point. When I came back, it was so I could compare the number to the stored version. Yup, they match. WTF?

The ID isn't used anywhere else, so why it had so prominent a place in this screen is beyond me. But the real culprit was my shortcut-taking, pattern-matching brain.

Now back to the "HP Forum" already in progress. 8)


Kingsman wrote:
> I went to the bios of the server, pressed F8. It can detect HDs,
> The only Tape Drive, but then says SCI Bios not loaded

I think it says SCSI Bios not loaded. If so,
I assume that there no disks on that SCSI bus, so the adapter's BIOS is not loading (it is used only when you have hard disks connected to the SCSI controller, so that you can boot and run DOS from a SCSI disk).

If you have only non-disk SCSI devices, the BIOS is not loaded. Your operating system should be able to deal with the tape drive.

> The Tape is not Tape-DR Compliant
> [...]
> Tape Drive is Not set in OBDR mode

no clue about these messages. I'd suggest you check the manual of the tape drive and make sure that you load appropriate drivers for that device. Also make sure that the backup software you use supports that tape drive.


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