Compiling Nonpareil 0.77 in Linux



Has anyone been able to compile Nonpareil 0.77 under Linux? It seems as if there is a missing file (or entire directory). /src/sound.c includes "SDL/SDL_audio.h" but SDL_audio.h is nowhere in the source tree. Compilation obviously quits when trying to make sound.o.

Anything obvious I'm missing?



PS: It seems as if the Nonpareil mailing lists are dead, sorry for posting here.


That file is part of the SDL library, which is external to Nonpareil. On my Fedora Core 4 system:

hbo@quirk|1028> rpm -qf /usr/include/SDL/SDL_audio.h

So you need to install the "SDL-devel" package on your Linux system to get the header files and the libraries you need to link against.

The mailing lists are indeed defunct. This site seems to be the right place to discuss Nonpareil, which may be one reason why the mailing lists aren't working. 8)


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Thanks a lot! I followed the suggestion (installed SDL-dev---I use the *64-bit* version of OpenSuSE 10.0) and Nonpareil compiled like a charm. It is awesome!



I tried compiling it under Ubuntu linux. It failed on lack of GTK+ 2.0 or better. However that library is installed, but its now called libgtk+ for compatibility reasons. a minor shuffle of the scons file and away it went.

hope this helps, and by the way, nonpareil is wonderful, as is hrastProgrammers Emu41 under windows!


Did you just have to change the string "gtk+-2.0" in the variables state_io_packages and nonpareil_packages? If so, what did you need to change it to? Possibly I can set it up to automatically decide between what Fedora and Ubuntu (and presumably Debian) use.

Were any other changes required?

I expect to have RPM packaging for Fedora in one of the next few releases. I don't know anything about building .deb packages, so if anyone cares to help with that it will be appreciated.

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