Free "very used" HP48GX's to good home


We are having a spring clean here at the office(surveying) and my bottom drawer has 5 hp48gx's which at one time worked but now sadly do not. perhaps if you are a dab hand at repairs you might be able to get the little blighters to work again, i would prefer that they be fixed rather than stuck on a shelf. all 5 machines have been well used (outdoors) there condition ranges from very poor to poor. please leave your email address or phone no. (as i rarely use email and don't have an email address at the moment) if interested.

ps will probably take "offer" that involves least amount of work on my part.

pps i live in sydney Australia.(not too interested in paying to mail them anywhere)

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If still available, I'd like to give them a try. Unfortunately, I'm in the US. I'll gladly pay the shipping, plus...

I hate to leave my phone number for the whole telemarketing world to see. My email is gifronx@xgmail.xcom, removing each x.



I would be very interested in these machines. I have repaired several HP48s and would be glad to 'resurrect' these.
I will gladly pay for shipping and any handling charges. Please let me know how to proceed.



Where are you located Tom and what do you charge to repair 48G's?
I'm in Melbourne. You can email me personally if you like.




Paul, both my kids have expressed interest. They've seen me use my 48GX, and they've both learned RPN in the past, using my 41's. Farnkly, my son needs all the mathematical incentives he can get, as he goes into year 10. . .

I'm a local - 9451 1144.


--- Les


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