HP41 Does on Turn on


My HP41 calculator had been off for many years after the batteries ran out. The batteries were removed from the calculator. Recently, I placed new "N" cells in the calculator but it does not turn on (no display). Any idea what the problem may be? Is there another cell in the calculator?


Do you see corrosion at the battery terminals? If yes, it may have wandered furtheron. Anyway, low resistance shining copper contacts are beneficial.

AFAIK there is no additional nor backup battery inside.


I recently acquired an HP41cx that appeared to have the same problem, that is untill I decided to try a little additional pressure on the "ON" button, which brought it to life. You might carefully try this.
Best regards, Hal


No such luck with pressure on the "ON" switch! I was wondering if there is some minimum state of charging of the circuits necessary before the calculator starts working. The circuits would have been fully discharged after a long period of non-use. Just getting in the dangerous zone of guessing....


The battery contacts are squeaky clean. The old batteries were removed to prevent damage from leakage. Thanks for the reply.

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