HP's that show X and Y register



Which pocket RPN calculators show both X and Y? The only one I can think of is the 42s. The 48-series and the 28-series show more than two, but they are bigger than pocket-size (ok, maybe the 42 is a little oversize for most shirt pockets also).

I wonder, because I find that only seeing X (ala 32s) sometimes require me to hit x<>y twice, so I can recall what I had in Y. Somewhat annoying.



HP 19B II has got RPN and shows 3 registers (X,Y,Z) of the stack at the same time


A better way to show X, Y, Z, T on the 32 series is to use the VIEW function. The display only shows one at a time- the X register - but I always found the 32 very flexible.

The 48 series can hold a stack limited only by memory but still displays only 4 items unless the Stack Viewer is selected.

So, your choice is 1 to 4 items.



I thought I would put my 2 cents in. Seeing both the X and Y registers makes RPN really simple and intuitive...it can be learned and its advantages seen almost immediately. If a cheapo scientific with a two-line display had come along before the 42s, RPN would probably still be alive and well today. My first HP was a 42s and I loved it immediately. I had moved up from two TI-66's which were (are still) nice but the 42s is (honest) about 10 times better. (For the Nostalgia item above...yeah, the only X,Y calc. out there helped my career alot.) Richard

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