12c "120+ functions"


I would be the last person to complain about the venerable 12c. It is the only currently-manufactured HP product that you can both program in RPN and fit easily in your shirt pocket. However, is anyone but me bothered by the fact that it is (and always has been, as far as I know) advertised as having "120+ function"? Has HP ever listed those 120 functions, because I count only about 88.


Paperweight? Battery tester? Bookend? ;-)



Hello Don,

It appears you have forgotten to take into account the following, which are not so evident:

Show Mantissa (f CLEAR PREFIX)
FIX (f 0..9)
SCI (f.)
ON// (?)
ON+ (?)
ON- (?)
HP may have considered also these:
Only 104 functions though (107 if we consider Tim's suggestions :-)

Perhaps 12C experts should point us out the missing functions...

Edited: 15 Jan 2006, 4:39 p.m.


How about if you count all the different "fix" settings and separator options as separate functions? Don't forget the self test too.


The manual lists the ON * and ON / self tests, already included. By what I've read, now it is possible to adjust the screen contrast (ON + and ON - ?).
If we consider FIX 0 to FIX 9 as distinct functions (actually they are not), and low power indicator and auto shut-off, we have 115+ 'functions'...

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