First non-RPN calculator in Nonpareil


Thanks to a ROM image and code provided by HrastProgrammer, Nonpareil will soon support its first non-RPN calculator, the TI-57.

Since non-RPN calculators (even the HP-01 and HP-10) aren't really consistent with the name Nonpareil, I've decided to put them into an optional "downgrade pack".

I'm not sure whether the TI-57 will make it into the next release, which I'm trying to finish up this month. If not, it will be in the following release.


I'm looking forward to the next release.

While it is true that I would probably only use the RPN models, I wouldn't necessarily regard the simulation of a non RPN calculator as a 'downgrade'...

Mike T.


It's a downgrade pack because once you install it, the name "Nonpareil" is technically no longer applicable.


the name "Nonpareil" is technically no longer applicable.

OK, I'll bite. :-) What does that name stand for anyway?


Totally agree!

Nonpareil means unique, unmatched, 'sans pair', etc...

It would be kinda heresy including TI calcs simulations in the official Nonpareil package. Nevertheless, a separate package with some TI calculators would be much appreciated as some of us here had one of these (My first programmable calculator was in fact a TI-59. I had also a TI-51-III and an LCD TI-57 - display and chips available for free, if someone is interested).



nonpareil [nónpa ráy’l] noun (plural nonpareils)
1.somebody or something unparalleled: somebody who or something
that has no equal
2.PRINTING six-point type: a size of printers’ type equivalent to
six point (dated)

peerless: having no equal

[15th century. From French, literally ‘not (having) equal’,
from pareil, ‘equal’, from popular Latin pariculus, diminutive of
Latin par, ‘equal’ (see PAIR).]

Encarta® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1999, 2000 Microsoft
Corporation. All rights reserved.
Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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