The brazilian Hurricane, Earth Quake and Terrorist Actions!


Although not particulary concerned to calculators, but just to complement an old post by Luiz Vieira, from Brazil too.

I believe we, brazilians citizens, do not need to have earth-quakes, or hurricanes or terrorist actions! We have our Government doing very well this role.

When we import goods, just see what happens in Customs:
- take the goods price: lets say an HP calculator at US$100;
- add the shipping costs: US$40 => total US$140;

Well, the Federal tax IPI will be 60% over total = 84US$;

But not only the Federal Government is hungry! The State is too! But State is furious with Federal Government! So, it will add to total costs, the Federal Tax, giving another new calculus-basis: 140 + 84 = 224 US$ !!! So, you will have to pay a tax over the Federal tax!
You must calculate 18% over the new price: 224 * 18% = US$40. This "would" be the State Tax, but I've said "would". Include the US$40 in the new price and calculate it again!!!! 224 + 40 = 264 US$.
Now, 264 * 18% = 47 US$

Finally, you have the final product cost:

original product price: 100US$
shipping costs: 40US$

In Brazil:
Federal Tax: 84US$
State tax: 47US$

So, your new calculator have a final price of: 311US$

Now you can imagine why we are a so 3rd world country, always called "in development" ...
It does not care how we citizens fight to bring some technology, the Brazilian Government works hard to defeat us and keep our country in the list of the worst in the world in many aspects!

This is why I appreciate so much USA actions: at least it seems your Government works for improving and to defent your Country...

Just an opinion of a very desgusted and tired citizen .....



Hi Artur,

Sounds like you-all need to have a tea party :-)


Big government is usually the problem. Its appetite for your hard earned money is insatiable. When someone on the street robs you it's called a crime. When the government does it to you it's called taxation, and how dare the average citizen have the nerve to want to keep as much of his/her hard earned money as possible.


When the number of people working for the government (state and federal) exceeds 50% of the total working population, we are done for. I think we are fast approaching that ratio.

my Conservative Accounting Theory

Government = Overhead
Overhead = non-productive expense
Reduce overhead to increase profit

Profit = pursuit of happiness

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Hi Arthur, all;

sorry to bring such unfortunate 'old news', but these are facts. Not ot extend the issue more than it deserves, but we here are the ones that face it. And it seems that God knows it well, because in some extent, we do not suffer that much for other external causes; our government does it so well that it´s been enough...

Thanks for your pacience.

Luiz (Brazil... why not?)

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I keyed in a different password... sorry!


Now to add insult to injury, that $100 HP calculator is not only trebled in cost by the taxes, but the average salaries are lower in Brazil. By how much, I don't know. In the U.S., mechanical engineers are paid generally between $35,000 (beginners in inexpensive cities) to $150,000 (15+ years experience, expensive city). I am not including "bosses" "partners" etc but salaried degreed workers.

I wonder what the Brazilian range is?

The net result is that in the U.S. even these "collector" calculator prices are pretty much only pennies against our earnings--but in Brazil, if feels like it felt in the U.S. in 1979--expensive.

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