Converting hp3468 from 115 to 230V ?



Is it easy to convert an US HP3468 Digital MultiMeter
from 115 VAc to 230 VAC for use in France ?
(It's quite difficult to find in europe, so before
searching in the US I prefer asking if transformation
is possible or not)

Is the power supply a transformer or a switching supply ?

Thank you



Yes this is very simple. Drop me a mail when you have aquired one and I will mail you the page from the service manual. It is just soldering one wire at another place on the circuit board.




Oui, c'est simple, je le décris dans le fil ci-après:




Yes, it's quite simple and described in the post hereafter: here.




Thank you for the information, now i have to find a 3468.
It's more easy in US I think.

Merci pour ton post, Etienne, cela semble vraiment simple.
Utilises tu couramment le 3468 ?

Best regards
(North of France)


Finding one should be easy --> Ebay has plenty!

I use mine on a regular basis when repairing Hp-calcs, printing out voltage measurements.

Friendly regards from Fourqueux (78) (free advertisement)

A ta disposition pour toute info.


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