HP-97 battery contact replacement


I'm working on Stephen Easterling's HP-97. His original complaint was that the "0" key did not work.

When I received the calc, the first thing I noticed were the corroded batteries (bad Stephen! You left them in!) One of the battery contacts had previously broken and been crudely soldered back into place. Unfortunately the solder joint broke flush with the plastic of the battery compartment when I removed the original batteries.

Anyone have any suggestions for fabricating a replacement battery contact? I'm thinking of using wire from a small paper clip, held in place on the other side of the battery compartment with a healthy dollop of plastic-friendly epoxy...


Many machines use the same battery pack as the HP-97. You can
salvage the battery connections from one of these machines.

My favorite is the HP 82143 printer which is often cannibalized to get an HP-41 interface cable.



Bingo! Why didn't I think of that? I have an 82143 with a bad print head that would be perfect...

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