HP-48SX display problem


I have some problem with the display of my HP-48SX. Normally a vertical line of pixel near the middle (a little on the right) doesn't light. Sometimes if I stroke hardly the calculator on the desk (on a paper) then I light on and the display is ok. As anybody similar problem?


Ok, I am not suggesting the following as a repair method, but anyway, I got a similar problem with my SX fixed in a quite unexpected way.

Actually, my USA made 48-SX had the opposite symptom: a vertical line of pixels and most of the indicators were permanently on. After the problem persisted for half a year, I made up my mind and ebayed myself another SX, this unit made in Singapore. When I was just about to transfer my programs from the old SX to the new one, I was interrupted and put the two calculators side by side in a drawer.

Two days later, I was surprised that the display problem had magically disappeared, and my old SX has been working perfectly ever since. Despite my strictly rational upbringing, I cannot help wondering if the old SX started to realize that the situation was becoming serious for "him" and stopped acting up. Or maybe it was a little encouragement from a friend from overseas that got it working again. Other theories welcome :-)


I sold an Indonesian 20s to a friend, as his Singapore 20s had a black "spot" in the corner of the display, and he wanted to be sure he had a working unit.

Lo and behold, one day not long thereafter, he turned on the Singapore 20s and the spot was gone!

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