eBay Loses Another Customer


Thought I'd buy/sell a few calculators on eBay. Almost immediately I started getting multiple scam emails regarding eBay and PayPal, at least one a day. I'm not sure how these crooks do it, sophisticated bots that trawl all transactions, or an inside accomplice with access to users lists. eBay pays only lip service to chasing these down, I forwarded many on to the spoof guys there, but there's no stopping these crooks. Something just isn't right about eBay, and the best way to halt this is to simply stop doing it, which I have now done. Hope the rest of you haven't been as spammed as I was.


I get spammed with this stuff all the time. Thing is, it started way before I became active on PayPal or eBay.

I have noticed some scams that seem directly related to my activity on eBay. Since the record of my transactions is partially public, through the concluded auction listings, and through the feedback mechanism, I conclude that this is the source of the information used in the phishing attacks. I've never once seen a come-on that was linked to private information from a specific eBay auction or PayPal transaction. So I conclude that the stuff eBay and PayPal say they keep private, they actually do keep private.

For the record, I have sold a little, and bought a lot on eBay. I've never been ripped off. My record there has been far better than my experience in meatspace has been. The same is true of PayPal. I've been their customer almost from the beginning, with a similar spotless record of trouble free (though sometimes expensive) transactions.



I get Paypal spams and I am not even a seller on ebay, nor have an account with Paypal.


Heck, I even conducted experiments. Over the course of six months or so, I went through three new ISP accounts with different email addresses linked to my ebay account. All seemed ok, no spam, so I tried ebay - a week or two later the spam started coming on that one account. I switch to another spam free account, same thing all over again, like clockwork. I even used an email account ONLY for ebay - everything else went to other accounts - Spam came and I can only assume it was infiltrated via ebay. Either trolling bots or an inside job, I agree.

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