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I just cannot find the information in the manual or guide : what is the specification for the SD card that are compatible with the HP-49G+. Any size? speed? Maker (only HP one?), High speed? etc...



Hello, Michel (still owing you an answer about the Cx...);

I have an earlier HP49G+ with a 256MBytes SD card. If I am not wrong, this is the biggest 'memory size' the HP49G+ can handle.

Currently, the one that's installed in the HP49G+ (and working fine) is a SimpleTech PROX High-speed SD Card (STI-PROXSD/256). The one that I also used and worked fine is a FUJIFILM 256 MB SD card, no extra specifications found in the card, neither in the small cardboard that comes with it. It claims to be 'Compatible with all SD Secure Digital Devices'. Now it is in my digital camera.

Nope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

(I'll brief you soon about the otehr subject...)



There is actually no upper limit on the size of the SD card the HP49g+ can address. 1GB cards have been used sucessfully.

Some of this is explained in the HP learning module on using SD cards with the hp49g+ found on the HP site here:

[url: http://www.hp.com/calculators/docs/learning_modules/49gplus/49gPlusSD.pdf]

Don't worry that it says "for use with ROM 1.22". Nothing significant has changed with ROM upgrades since then.

That said, the best way to format a card for use on the 49g+ is to allow the 49g+ to format the card for you, which is again explained in the link above.

Good luck,


Oops. Thought I had that link correct. :-)


Hi, all;

first of all, thaks (Gene and Tim) for the extra info. I was not aware of the fact that the HP49G+ could go beyond 256MB through SD card addressing.

Now for the main reason: I wrongly wrote 'Nope' instead of 'Hope' in my previous post... and thanks to the new editing policy, I could not edit it.

Please, forgive me adding an extra post, consumming some (unecessary) bytes and time, but I do not like detected mitakes being left aside...



Any size will work up to 2GB. The super ultra 60x speed ones won't receive any benefit because they require some additional circuitry the 49g+ doesn't have(the same stuff that make SD-wifi card work).

The 32x speed cards do recieve speed benefit, but only when you are storing huge files. I run a 512 Sandisk Ultra2 card in mine, but that is only because I need the high speed for data storage and fast access for some files with a C program I wrote. It isn't 32x, but more like 8x faster write, 2x read.

My recommendation is to just get whatever cheap card you find. All of them should work.




I use a Lexar 128mb SD with no problem.

I am still operating on some old ROM and must be missing some good things like file types, etc. The change I have been waiting for is the ability of the SD/ G+ combination to support subdirectories.

Does the latest ROM (build 80) substantially improve this support?

Happy new year!


Michel, I have used a 64MB Legacy and a 512MB SanDisk both with no problems. With the ubiquitous 1GB SD's you should be able to find 64, 128 and 256MB SD's at dirt cheap prices.




Support subdirectories? In what way. Since the beginning you have been able to store and recall from subdirectories. Copying in the filer from one SD directory to another isn't possible, but that isn't a huge thing.

Yes I would upgrade to the latest rom found on hpcalc.org 2.05 something if I remember right.



Thanks Tim, I was referring to chapter 26 page 7 of the "User Guide" where it says, "... no subdirectory tree can be built into port 3..." It then states that a future ROM upgrade may address this. I have taken this to mean that I run the risk of eliminating some duplicate named variables now isolated between subdirecoties (or at least prioritized in case of conflicts). Not talking about locals/globals distinction.

I have had my 49g+ since 11/04, which could make a difference if I wanted to back up all of main memory to an SD card. I admit that I could be reading the statement wrong with respect to the 49g+.

Thanks again - I believe the current ROM version is "build 80" with an unsupported "build 83" available to brave hearts.




Where did you obtain Build 83? Are you referring to the build that experiences key bounce? HPs support site has Build 80, I'm curious if I missed something.



Check here for various ROM updates, including the more recent [albeit unofficial] build 88.

Edited: 10 Jan 2006, 12:23 a.m.


yes, ECL

I posted a question about current level a couple of weeks back and received a response with some information about an unsupported build 83. Among other things, I do recall that it went beyond 80 to address key bounce. Not being interested in testing an unofficial release, I neglected to copy it. I can locate it in archives probably when I get more time.

I just received my connectivity kit zip file which I still haven't been able to unzip as yet.

Instead of key "bounce" I am experiencing what I would call key "wobble." The keys, especially the "enter" seem to be wearing out with no snap to them. My old 48GX still feels solid when I press the keys. I am a little surprised that HP would produce such flimsy switches, but going corporate seems to lower standards just about everywhere. (Too many MBAs in the mix. Optimize for who's benefit?)

Thanks for responding,



Did you accidentally keep the Enter key depressed while the calculator was in storage? It happened to my 49g+ once, and the Enter key lost the click temporarily. Luckily after a week or two, the Enter key got its click back. Now I have to be cautious to store my 49g+ while not getting anything weighing down on top of the calculator. Also, I don't want to deform the black pouch either.


Wierd, David!

Don't think I accidently pressed enter while in storage, but don't know for sure. Would that affect other keys like the 2 key? Did power remain on during the extended pressing?

I have read about key bounce and such, as well as some varying lack of confidence after the 48GX experience. All in all I have been pleased with HP products and the ability to use such power in the field. Besides, I am hooked on RPN programming.

Thanks for responding!



I once got a SanDisk 128 card to use with a 49G+, and it didn't work. I might have been able to transfer one or two files to it correctly, but eventually all the files on it would become corrupted.

I exchanged it for a Kingston card, and haven't had any problems with it.

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