just who are these scamers? and ...


and what do they hope to get? shortly after I placed an ebay auction ad on the classifieds section here, this slid into my mailbox:

I WILL LIKE TO CONTACT YOU ABOUT THIS PRODUCT . hp-38e, hp-35, hp-21, hp-19c, hp-32e, hp-22, hp-10c, hp-10, hp-29c, hp-45. The 29C is boxed and comes with LOTS of stuff. The 19C comes with case, battery charger, battery and more. Both are in great working condition ..................AND WILL ALSO LOVE IF U COULD MAIL ME ABOUT THIS GOOD AND WE CAN HAVE A GOOD DEAL
...............YOURS MR J. ALEX

so what i want to know is, who is this MR J. ALEX and what's his game? anyone here know? i just can't imagine he's legit.


Sounds like one of these.

Buyer doesn't seem to know much about your item. (May even refer to it as "your item" or "your product".)

It's clearly machine generated. I don't know what the scam is, but I'm certain there is one.

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Probably an advance fee fraud in which the buyer will offer to pay by a bank (cashier's) cheque he has - for more than your sale price, with you to reimburse the difference, also by bank cheque. His bank cheque is drawn on a foreign bank, and will turn out to be a forgery - by which time, you'll have shipped the goods and a genuine bank cheque.

Only, you won't have, because you know better. . .


--- Les



I'm on a forum about tandem bicycles, which are a big target of this kind of thing. There have been various things suggested, one of them being that you go ahead and ship an appropriate-sized box; but instead of putting your multi-thousand-dollar tandem in there, you fill it with pieces of wood, wads of newspaper, old shoes, a few Chinese products that don't work, etc.. You might save a dumping fee, and the customer will have to pay a hefty customs fee to pick up their surprise pack.


heres an interesting read from about a year ago



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