Wiring for HPILCOM = HP41 / PC Interfacing


Dear HP41 & PC enthusiasts :

For using HPILCOM from Hans Brüggemann I need the correct wiring between the 9pin COM1 interface connector of the PC and the 25pin interface connector of the HP-IL/RS232 interface Box.

Please give additional informations about the needed COM1 mode : Hardware interfacing or software interfacing ?

Waiting for your help :-) Christoph Klug


christoph, set the COM1 (or, COM2, if you want) to the following mode : 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stopbit, no parity and sw flowcontrol. for the cabling, use a simple 25pin male to 9pin female cable. make sure, that your 82164 is in standard DTE configuration. the 9 pin serial connector on the pc has the following pin-out: 1(in)DCD, 2(in)RXD, 3(out)TXD, 4(out)DTR, 5GND, 6(in)DSR, 7(out)RTS, 8(in)CTS, 9(in)RING.

hope, that helps!




Do you know where I can find the HPILCOM program?



Hello Hans,

I would also be very happy to receive your HPILCOM solution!

If you don't mind, could you please email it to Etienne.victoriaREMOVEGARBAGE@orange.fr

Many thanks and happy new year from France!



Hello Hans:

I would be grateful if you can send the HPILCOM program to gonzalo_fernandezNOSPAM@apb.es



Hello Hans,

Can I add my name to the growing list of people begging for your pgm? You can reach me at ppl4world NOSPAM at NOSPAM yahoo

I can understand if you do not want to, yet maybe you would consider adding it to TOS, in case you are willing to share it openly...



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