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hi matthias,
i'm also a toxophilite. i prefer traditional and shoot mongolian. there's no sight or rest. it looks a bit like this,

although that isn't me and i don't wear a silly outfit. although people keep wanting me to wear green which is a terrible colour.

you can see from the guy's hand in the picture, he is using a thumb ring. you hold the string on the ring rather than on the fingers and this gives a more repeatable loose. you can also overdraw the bows which makes them good for clout and also they're a bit smaller and thus easier to carry about than a longbow.

best wishes.


Hi Matthias,

Very nice!

My "ERAMCO ESMLDL 1" (type: ES83120A) has 8K ram besides the 24K eprom.
Has switches (on/off) and bank select rotators (0-F) on top.


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