49g+ - 48gx infrared transfers


Am I missing something about exchanging files between the 49g+ and the 48gx? My 49g+ is a year old and I could have sworn that I transferred and modified a couple of old 48gx programs as soon as I received the new unit. Now, I am thinking I must not have because I can't seem to get any kind of transfer in either direction.

I am using the infrared method which works for both if I print.

on the 49: APPS I/O... SELECT VARIABLES (if send)GET OR SEND

on the 48: I/O SELECT VARIABLES (if send) GET OR SEND

Both attempts result in timeouts as if the command has no purpose.

I'm beginning to question my memory. Am I overlooking a flag?

I recognize that without modification some 49 programs will not run on the 48, but the 49 should be mostly backward compatible, right?

Thanks -- Ron


As far as I've been able to determine, infrared transfers directly
between the 49 and 48 series aren't possible. The 48 series
infrared transfers use SIR (Serial IR) and the 49g+ and 48gII
infrared transfers use IrDA.

"Printing" from the 49g+ and using INPRT (or a variation of it) on
the 48 series doesn't work either; I expect that the signal from
the 49g+ is just too weak.

To transfer the variables, use your PC as a "go-between", using
"ASCII" (or "Text") transfers so that the decompiled code is
transferred. "Binary" (compiled object) transfers won't work.

In general, programs written for 48 series should work on the 49
series, exceptions being such things as global names being
built-in commands on the 49 series. The 49 series should be in
"approximate" mode when receiving programs written for the 48
series if you don't want "real" numbers (type 0) that happen to be
integers to be compiled as exact integers (type 28).

For programs written for the 49 series to work on the 48 series,
the commands have to be built-in on both models, and in most
cases, the object types have to be valid on both models. For
example, a "symbolic matrix" (type 29) will result in a syntax
error when the 48 series tries to compile it. 49 series "exact
integers" (type 28) will be compiled as "real" numbers (type 0) on
a 48 series, rounding them if needed.



James, you are full of good information and in such detail. Know that I appreciate it very much.

From your response, I would say that my memory of a year ago is wrong. I had programmed a set of multiple equations for calculating photo lens solutions for depth of field, etc. Was attempting to save myself some keystrokes, but it looks like I should just key them into the 49. I do recall now that there was no trouble transferring them from an earlier model 48SX, but then there shouldn't have been.

Thanks again,



No need to key it in manually; just transfer (in "ASCII" or Text" mode) everything for your application from the 48GX to your PC, and then from your PC to the 49g+.


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