Happy new year everyone!


Here's hoping 2006 brings:

1) Peace and understanding. May we all become more tolerant of our differences and recognize our similarities.

and, less seriously,

2) More HP calculators (no inside information there...just hopes)


P.S. If anyone will be at Macworld the second week of January, let me know. I'll be at our company's booth on the floor.


Ditto on the good wishes, Gene!

To which I would add, "may the visibly condensing vapor around OpenRPN solidify into a breathtaking fusion of simplicity and power!"



Happy New year everyone! I hope 2006 will bring some new goodes from HP and .. uhmm ... other calculaor manufacturers. Hope next year will also bless us with some new algorithms.

And may the HP calculator division expand and bring back the HP10, 11, 15, 41, and 42 ... with cool modifications like SD card compatibility.


Edited: 31 Dec 2005, 6:12 p.m.


Just to add my name to the list...

Best of all to all of you.


Luiz (Brazil)


Cheers to you all! Ditto on the wishes, 2006 is the Year of the Hewlett Packard Calculator. :)

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