HP 42s display access


I have an HP 42s whose display has a small chunk of what looks like solder sitting on the back of the clear display bezel. Is there an easy way to take the calculator apart and remove it? I've tried the obvious "banging" the calculator in the palm of my hand to see if I can dislodge it, but to no avail. Aside from asthestics, I'm a little concerned that if the thing shakes loose it might short something important out--it's definitely metalic.

If I have to pry the foil off the top of the unit to get it apart, I won't do anything. I certain I'll do more damage trying to pry off that thin foil than is justified by what I'm trying to do.


This article may help.


Thanks Jeff! Looks like I'll have a go at taking the back off and see where that leads.

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