Hurray for all HP Museum website users!!!


I have to congratualte all of us who frequent this website. On Sunday there was NOT A SINGLE NEW MESSAGE posted! This means we are not the geeks we are accused of, but dedicate folks who have a normal and healthy family life!!



Not so fast there! How many people checked for new messages on the 25th??

Maybe we are just geeks who don't like to speak first. 8)


You hve a point! Ask the curator!




How many of us WOULD HAVE got on and posted if they got a "break in the action" on the 25th! ;) ;P


... but dedicate folks who have a normal and healthy family life!!

True, and my guess is that Santa brought us all an HP related present that had to be examined first.


Well, I may not have been active here, but I spent the afternoon of Newtonsday (25th December) assembling the Y-drive mechanism from an HP7245A thermal printer/plotter. I'd made the special alignment tools a few days earlier and finally had time to use them.

Some of us rarely spend a day without some HP toy...

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