HP 2225B


Need battery config. for 2225B


The battery for a 2225 consists of 6 sub-C nicads.

It is charged by the ubiquitous 82058 charger (If you're in the US)


Thanks Steve but I need to know how the nicads are position
within the pack. Are they in series ????


Yes, they are in series.

Note that there's also a fuse connected between two of the cells (It does't matter which).

The battery is connected directly to the "pads" on the pack. The +ve lead goes to the one closest to the edge (and furthest from the PCB).

I have one open on my desk that is due to be rebuilt as soon as I have a spare moment, so if you have any further questions -- please ask.


Thanks again Steve. I don't recall the fuse type , off hand
but if I recall it was a hp special item! I 've run the
2225B off a radio shack charger for a number of years,since
the printer was never that portable.Thanks again


Nah! The fuse is just the same sort of fuse that you find in many devices with nicad or NiMH batteries. It's there to minimise any hazard from shoring out the pack.

I actually blew mine :-( but I can get them from the same place that makes up battery packs for me.

I don't know the rating, but I'd assume 5A would be safe.

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