Opening a HP41


Hello Everybody!
After a little battery leakage with corrosion on one of the contacts, my 41 doesn't turn on anymore. Anybody knows how I can open the case to look inside?
Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!


Just remove the 4 rubber feets and under them, remove the 5 screws and it will open like a clam! Pay attention when you will colse the calc; check CPU plastic connectors for allignment and don't FORCE SCREWS to much because you will break plastic post retaining them.

Good luck!


If it was only a little leakage then something is probably just not making contact. You could first try cleaning the contacts and springs again with vinnegar on a Q tip. Sometimes you have to wiggle the battery in place (it moves just a little bit). If the metal on the contact is corroded through; you can get metal contact paint, either in a pen (Katie uses this) or a bottle of "Nickel Print" that you brush on. If you want permanence and beauty; Diego Diaz should soon have the replacement flex connectors that he is having made.

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