HP-71b ANd IL card


"I" already communicate with my HP-41 and ISA HP-IL card with various programs.

Is there a way to use the PC card with the HP-71? Where can i find such program?

I have the original HP-IL ISA card on a 386 computer ready to talk with my 71 !

I also have a HP-75C to test. Can it talk to the PC card?


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Yes! You need to get EMU41 or EMU71 from JF Garnier. The €20.00 versions can talk to the real HP-IL card as well as the virtual devices it sets up. I prefer EMU41 for this, because the external machine can be the loop controller.

There's also hpillink and
on the museum's FTP server. The first one is a software development enviroment. You have to have one of the FORTH based ROMS, or the KEYBOARD lex file before you can use it to best advantage. But you can transfer text files for sure, and maybe binary. I haven't tried to do that because EMU41 works so well for file transfer. I also haven't used HPLINK, the second one above. It is supposed to emulate a printer or a disk, but only one at a time. Again, EMU41 does such a great job at emulating disks printers and interfaces, I havn't bothered with this one.

Here's a link to JF Garnier's site where you can get EMU41 and EMU71. They both run under Windows, and I even have them working under Linux.

I frequently use HP-75s with EMU41 as well, so those are supported.


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