hi all

i search the manual for the ZENROM module. i dont find
it on the hpmuseum dvd (?)

i just like a list with all commands and what they do.

thank you

tobie niggli



did you take a look at TOS (The Other Site)?

Hint: Search the hpmuseum site for the keyword 'Furlow',

without the quotes. There you'll find the link to TOS.

Ok, because it's near Xmas, here's the link to the link:


Look near the bottom of the page...



Sorry Tobie --

I'm afraid that the ZENROM is not GPL so it's illegal to post the rom code or manual on the internet. While TOS has quite a few rom's and, in fact, Warren's v41 emulator comes with most, the ZENROM is not on that site.

The only way to get a copy of the manual is probably post a request to buy in the classified here and/or search EBAY.


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