OT: PC-100 (A) printers need repair



Sorry for the off topic post from the "dark side", but I'd like to keep some old TI gear working and here are the hardware guys who might be able to help.

I've a couple of PC 100 (A) printers that don't work any longer, due to corrosion (failed batteries had been stored in the units for too long.) I've a working PC 100C but that doesn't support the SR-52 and SR-56 calculators.

Are there any schematics available for these machines?

I also need datasheets for two linear ICs: SN75492 and SN96912. They drive the thermal print head. Both chips seem to be similar. I found one set in one machine and the other in my second printer.


P.S.: Happy Holydays!


the 75492 is *very* commonly found in early LED calculators, I found the schematics here (if it is broken, a cheap Datamath will provide two of these parts):


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