WHOOPS! Meant to say 49g+ ROM VERSION


sorry about the error, I was working with the 48 and just had it in my head when I asked for info on current version and build.

I apparently have version 3,54 build 0031. Do I need to upgrade?





Recently they have started assigning a "build number" in addition to a VERSION number. Type VERSION and you will see a stiring that tells you which rom you have installed. Recently there have been several ROM versions with different build numbers that have slightly different things in them. Version 83 is the most recent. Get it at hpcalc.org http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=6376

Don't worry that it isn't an official release. The only difference between the version 80 and version 83 is a slight change in the keybounce timing. Most people report better keyboard performance with the 83 instead of the 80.



Thanks, Tim.

From this readout I am way behind (revision 1.23). Don't know why the diagnostic gave so different.

Exact readout to "VERSION" is:

Version HP49-C
Revision #1.23

Doesn't sound at all like the "build" numbers I expected. I feel assured that I can get the correct numbers at hpcalc.



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