HP9S facelift?


HP9S On Ebay

The keyboard background in this auction seems different than the white background on MY HP9S.



I think you mean the area surrounding the display;-)

The keyboard area has exchangeable faceplates since the beginning.



Hi Raymond.

I know the HP30s had changeable faceplaces, but I didn't think the 9S did. My 9S has a white background with blue shifted functions (which is actually a very GOOD contrast even if somewhat garish).

Do you really have a 9S with changeable faceplates? I dont' think mine came with any.



Hi Gene,

yes, I have some of these (30S, 9S, 9G) units,

and a 'marketing kit' which consists of a

blue cardboard box with one 9G and one 9S each.

You can exchange the faceplates between them,

although it doesn't make too much sense,

since the keyboard legends are not compatible

between the 9G and 9S.

The 9G and 9S basically share the same housing

as the 30S, only the ROM and display are different,

and of course the keyboard legends...

The display of the 9G seems to be the same

as one of my old Casios, a 7400G.

At least for the 30S there's a faceplate kit available.

I don't know if this is the case for the 9G and/or 9S.



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