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Just wanted to check if anyone of you has done some investigation of the functions of the Alpha-Rom? I have tried to come up with the functions, and got stuck with a few. Anyone has some ideas? (simply could not hold my curiosity until the arrival of a QRG... ;-) )

Here is what I have so far (sorry for the bad format...)



	XROM	Name	Function
aView 6.01 Lower Case AVIEW Displays M&N with lowercases
ACL? 6.02 Is Alpha Clear? Checks if Alpha is Clear. Skip if not true
Aleng? 6.03 Alpha Length Reports back length of Alpha
AlengX 6.04 Make length of Alpha to x Deletes n chars from left, to make Alpha as long as indicated by X-reg
AlengXY 6.05 Make alpha string of y char, x times create a string in alpha with Char with code in y, x times repeated
AnumI 6.06 Anum Integer Gets Integer Number from Alpha into x, -1 if none found
AnumDel 6.07 ANUM and Del gets the value of the first number from the left into x and deletes all chars from the left to the end of the number
ArclChr 6.08 ARCL Chars Append x chars from currently active file
ArclI 6.09 ARCL Integer Recalls the integer portion of x into Alpha
Arev 6.10 Alpha Reverse Reverses Alpha to its mirror image
ArotX 6.11 Alpha Rotation by X Rotates Alpha by X chars
ASCII 6.12 ASCII Get ASCII code of leftmost char into X
ASHFX 6.13 Alpha Shift by X Deltes X chars from the left in Alpha
ASTOXX 6.14 Asto in X, x chars stores x chars from the left into x
ASUB 6.15 Alpha Substitution Substitutes the Char at pos Y with Char X
ASWAP 6.16 ??? Creates "Private when one goes to PGM mode"
AEXEQ? 6.17 Execute Alpha Checks if a lable like alpha exists, if so executes it, if not skips a line
A>RG 6.18 Alpha to Regs Stores alpha in 4 cons regs, starting at x
A>ST 6.19 Alpha to Stack Copies reg MNOP to Stack registers
A<>ST 6.20 Alpha Exchange Stack Exhchanges the context of the alpha regs with the stat regs
ChrSet 6.21 Char Set Shows all available characters, scrolling through the screen
ClaC 6.22 Clear Alpha from Comma Clears Alpha from the Comma to the right
DCNT 6.23 Set Display Contrast sets display contrast to value in x
DCNT? 6.24 What is Display Contrast? Retrieves the currently active display contrast into x
DCNT+ 6.25 Increase Disp Contr Increases the current display contrast by 1
DCNT- 6.26 Decrease Disp Cont Decreases the current display contrast by 1
Display 6.27 Display the Alpha Display Alpha reg, maybe some difference with printer etc…
Dtest 6.28 Display Test Light up all segments of the display
Ladel 6.29 Left Alpha Del Deletes the leftmost char
LadelX 6.30 Left Alpha del by x deltes the x leftmost chars from Alpha
LAtoX 6.31 Left A to X Deletes leftmost char and puts code in X, just like ATOX from the X/F mod
Left$ 6.32 Left String Keep x leftmost chars
Low$ 6.33 Low String Replace all upper chars with lower case charts
Mid$ 6.34 Mid String Kepp chars x to y
M<>N 6.35 Switch M and N
M<>O 6.36 Switch M and O
N<>O 6.37 Switch N and O
PMTA 6.38 Prompt A Prompt for Text entry
PosAX 6.39 Pos of x in Alpha Puts the position of the char with the code in X into X
PostFX 6.40 Post found X find char in x in alpha, delete all to the left of the found char
PostSP 6.41 ???
Prefx 6.42 Pre found X find char in x in alpha, delete all to the right of the found char
PreSP 6.43 ???
RADel 6.44 Right Alpha Del Deletes the rightmost char, like ABSP
RAtoX 6.45 Right Alpha to X Seems to not be working. Supposedly takes right alpha char and puts char code in x
RemZer 6.46 Remove Zeros Remove leading zeroes from String
Right$ 6.47 Right String Leaves x chars from right in Alpha
RG>A 6.48 Registers to Alpha copies 4 consec regs starting with x into Alpha
St>A 6.49 Stack to Alpha Copies Stack regs into Alpha
ToglC 6.50 ???
Upr$ 6.51 Alpha Upper Replace all lower case chars with uppercase chars
ViewA 6.52 View Alpha Show Alpha, maybe some special treatment of printer
XAtoX 6.53 Alpha to X by X Puts char code of (x+1)th position in x, alpha undisturbed
XtoAI 6.54 X to A Integer Appends integer of x to Alpha
XToAL 6.55 X to Alpha left puts char with code in x into alpha on left
XToAR 6.56 X to Alpha Right puts char with code in x into alpha on right
YToAX 6.57 ??? Data Error

-Sound FX
Buzzon 6.59 Buzz On Turns a CPU buzz on
NoBuzz 6.60 Buzz Off Turns the CPU buzz off
ClaxOn 6.61 Claxon A new "Beep"
Rasp 6.62 Rasp Another "Beep"
ToneXY 6.63 Tone by X and Y Y is length (ie number of repetitions) and x is pitch (lower = higher)

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	XROM	Name	Function

PostFX 6.40 Post found X find char in x in alpha, delete all to the left of the found char
PostSP 6.41 ???
Prefx 6.42 Pre found X find char in x in alpha, delete all to the right of the found char
PreSP 6.43 ???

Given the context and the names, might these find and remove trailing and leading spaces as the case may be?


Hi, Peter;

I tried some of the ALPHA ROM features, but I did not dig too deep as you did. Allow me to congratulate you!

About YTOAX (Y TO A through X-index), the Extended IO has a function with the very same name. If the ALPHA YTOAX works the same (hopefuly), it places the character defined by the ASCII code in Y to ALPHA, in 'X' position. If X is positive, left-to-right count; if X=0, leftmost character; if X is negative, right-to-left count. So: (using Extended IO YTOAX)

               [ABCDEFGHI  ] (ALPHA contents)
79 ENTER (ASCII dec code for 'O')
3 YTOAX [ABCOEFGHI ] (resulting ALPHA)
Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 22 Dec 2005, 1:17 a.m.



thanks for your kind input. I tried that version (and quite some variations of it) remembering the Ex-IO function. However I only get "Data Error" in the display...


Hi Peter,

Angel copied several functions from the Bldrom for the AlphaRom.
So Bldrom manual will describe these.

For example ALENGX allows plus of minus argument in X for left or right padding of spaces or stripping of characters. Similar for ALENGXY (makes alpha X chars long using char in Y (pads or strips)), ASHFX, ASTOXX (from left if pos right if neg, X in LASTX after). PRESP and POSTSP strip characters after or before the first space character (prefix and postfix parseing). PREFX (prefix) and POSTFX (postfix) using the character specified in X (either decimal, text or NNN). DISPLAY sends the text line that follows to the LCD display using unique LCD setting for each of 256 different bytes and only prints if in NORM or TRACE. A couple of bldrom functions have been renamed (XAI and AXI). You have AXEQ? and ACL? correct!

Best Regards,



Thanks! Great corrections & additions!



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