Would someone be so kind as to verify my rom version and let me know if it is up-to-date?

I looked into the system using the "hold on-f5" keys and requested the self test to find "VERSION 3,54 BUILD 0031"

Did I search correctly?

Is my version close to current?

How do I get an upgrade if needed? (I have a 128mb SD card for transfer)

I personally have difficulty with the Adobe Reader searching for info. Thank you in advance for assistance!



Do you mean a 49g+? Type VERSION and see what it returns. I am guesing you don't have the latest which reports build 83.



whoops! You're right Tim. I was working with the 48 (easier to use on some work than the 49). I did mean to say the 49g+. Guess I better repeat it and put the right model into the heading or will miss some advice.

Thanks for betting on my error and responding anyway. I take it that you believe the version is up==to=date, but the build is way behind current status. Do I just contact tech support for download or do I go to an out source?

thanks again.

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