Clonix-41 Low Power SW update (Xmas gift... again ;-)


Hi all,

Some of you have already tested the new Low Power software version for the Clonix-41 module. So far I have not received any complains... and this is a good symptom. :-))

But, one of the known drawbacks of the Low Power SW *was* that it cannot handle Bank-switched modules, namely, the Advantage, which BTW is one of the most popular "cloned" ROM-Pac's.

After some re-coding, I've finally managed to handle the BS feature into the Low Power version too.

The new version (same name: ClonixLP) is available at:

Just download and replace the old files.

Enjoy your 41's!!

My very best wishes for this Xmas season.



Thank you very much once more, Diego, for your continued efforts!
I will try your new tricks when back home from holydays

And, of course, have a really Merry Christmas.


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