HP75 Internal Design Specifications ?


I recently received the museum's DVD (awesome work), and browsing throught the list of available documentation, I noticed that the HP75 IDS are not there (you can check this on the web site directly without ordering the DVD, I know :) )

Does anyone remember the stories of Roo-Man and Joey that supposedly came from those HP75 internal design specifications, and were published from time to time by Joe Horn on his famous 'Goodies Disks'? Look below for an example...

... and more to the point, does anyone have a copy of these specs? I'd be very curious to have a better look at them, if only to see those small stories in their context.


"Roo-man," Joey looked up with a quizzical plea upon his boyish face. "I can't find any reason why the FOR and NEXT tokens can't follow a THEN statement."

"Well, Joey," Roo-man paused for a moment, his eyes gazing off into some future that could never be. "Well, Joey," he started again, "there is no reason why they can't. There are those who fear what this new found power may be put to. It is a distrust of freedom, much like the bird in a cage, who, when the door is accidentally left open, huddles in a corner in fear of the open air -- his natural inheritance."


They do exist (I have them). There are 2 volumes. One is the commented source code to the HP75C ROM, the other is a commentry/explanation on that source code. I can't remember which volume contains the jokes, maybe some in each.

The bad news is that it's around 1000 A4 pages (!). And as ever I don't own a scanner. This is not the sort of thing I can easily copy and get to you.


Does someone else besides Tony have access to these documents? (The answer to this in the past has been silence.)

Tony, if you are the only one in the current online HP calculator community that has a copy of the 75 NOMAS documents, won't you please consider lending them to someone who can make copies for the benefit of the community? All other things being equal, I imagine someone in Europe would be preferable to someone elsewhere in the world. I know that Thomas Okken has expressed interest in the past. His HP87 simulator could be more easily adapted to simulate the 75, if he had the benefit of the system source code. Can't we work something out?



I've got them.

The only reason I haven't already scanned them is that they're printed 4-up, like volume 3 of the HP-71 Software IDS. My usual very-high-speed scanner only does 400 DPI, which is not adequate for that. It took me a very long time to scan the 71 IDS on a 600 DPI scanner, which was barely adequate. (That's what's on the MoHPC CD/DVD set now.) I have recently obtained a 3200 DPI scanner, so I'll scan them at 800 DPI, which should be fine, but it will take a very long time as this scanner is even slower than my older 600 DPI scanner, and does not have a sheet feeder.


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Think about it everyone...these design specifications were printed from a COMPUTER FILE and now with much time and effort the printed results will become a computer file once again! I'll bet the files are still archived by HP somewhere...
Merry Christmas everyone


Sadly not. I know the last person at HP who had a tape of them, and it's gone. No one at HP wanted the old tapes and discs, so they were destroyed. That's the way things work at big corporations, especially when responsibility for a product line moves to different divisions around the world three times in ten years.


I'm interested in the HP75 IDS too. If there is a way to share the scan job between different people, I'm ready. But I understand it can be dangerous to send the original document by mail.



Nice to see that those specs still exist somewhere!

When you say 'printed 4-up', what does this mean in terms of A4/A3/Letter/etc ?

In case the overall format is less than A3 and the pages can be separated somehow, I have access to copy machines that are able to bulk-scan from their sheet feeder, I'd be willing to do the job if someone DHL'ed the specs to my address... I'll return them, of course.

Let me know!


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You have me mixed up with someone else -- the only simulator I ever wrote is for the 42S...


Oops! Sorry about that.

I was just using your emulator (having just taken delivery n a real 42S) and I must have transferred the labels incorrectly. 8)

I was thinking of Olivier De Smet in connection with the HP-75 NOMAS material. He has written an HP-87 emulator, and expressed interest in writing one for the HP-75. (They use the same processor.) My apologies for the mixup.



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