HP 86A/86B/87A/87XM ROM query



Can someone clarify please which ROMs are built into which of the following machines?



87A - none (only one of these I have)


I recall (probably incorrectly!) that some of these have the EDISK ROM built in, not sure of any other ROMs.



Hi John,

I can answer for mine!

Hp-86B: EDISK ROM, Mass storage ROM, Printer ROM

And that's all!!!

Cheers and thanks!



Hp-87A and 87XM: Mass storage ROM, Printer ROM

IMHO the only difference between the 87A and the 87XM is that the
XM has more memory built in.



Thanks for the responses. Can you clarify please about the HP86/87 Printer ROM? As you know, the 86/87 has a system ROM (address 0) plus an additional ROM (address 1) and I thought this incuded the Printer commands such as


As per your series 80 there is a separate plotter ROM (address 360 octal), but this is not pre-fitted to my HP-87A.



Hi John,

Sorry but my answer to your post was not accurate enough.

IMHO there is no separate, identified product tagged "Printer Rom" for the 86/87 series.

Printer commands are indeed included in the 86/87 mainframe and by "PRINTER ROM", I was just referring to these included commands.

That's why we just have a separate "Plotter Rom".





I am updating the PRM-85 userguide for HP-86/87 users, and would like to give some accurate advice on setting the board up. It would cause a clash if the machine had one ROM built in that was the same as one enabled on the PRM-85, so I am trying to avoid this occuring.



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