Sticky Keys on HP48GX


Spilled some soda on my HP48. Luckily there was not much left in the can, but enough spilled to make the right 3 keys on the lower 2 rows sticky (everything functions fine, just kind of annoying). Is there a way to clean the keys without resorting to the extreme distilled water submersion method discussed in another post?




So long as the batteries are not in the calc, washing them is hardly extreme. It is IMO the only way to get goo out of a keyboard. The only precaution is to allow it to *completely* dry before re-inserting batteries. Twenty four hours in a warm place with a small fan directed at the keyboard is usually enough.


Thanks Randy,

Well I'm about to take some time off, so now is the time to try it. I'll have plenty of time to let it dry out before needing it again.



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