I have 2 HP 41cv units. I have not used either in a few years and the will not turn on. They worked fine when I last used them. I installed brand new batteries and checked for corosion on the contacts, but neither will power on. Any suggestions?????????


Perhaps one of the techniques to attempt to revive such units found here would do the trick.


If none of the steps listed before didn't work, you may have a trouble in the screws bases, on calculator's back.
Press the calculator (in the line of upper foot) against a table and try to turn it on.

As these calculators are old, the plastic under screws breaks and the back part can't press the battery/modules contact against the main board.

To really check this, remove the back foot and screws and open very carefully the calculator. Look at the plastic where the screws pass thru.

Good luck!

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