Need 71B Play Testers


I have written an implementation of "High Rollers" in BASIC for the 71B, and I need play testers. It works fine for the way I play the game, but I'd like others to pound on it a little before I release it generally. Please respond here or by email (click on my name above to get the address) if you'd like to test it out. The game uses graphics for the dice images, so you'll need either a real 71B or else HP-71X from Hrastprogrammer. As far as I know, that's the only 71B simulation that includes the simulated LCD.



I would like to test it but I don't have much of free time for this :-(

But you can send it to me, just in case (save a program with COPY TO :CARD from HP-71X and send a "card" by mail).

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