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I know it's not officially the good place to make some publicity, but i take a chance because i'm sure some of you secretely (...) have some TI vintage calculators to talk about like on this HP forum.

So i just create a brand new forum about the "dark side" in calculators : a vintage TI forum. I know that i don't have any members yet except me that's why i'm writing here; in order to have nice, mature and experienced users...

The forum is at this adress :


So if you have an interest in vintage TI like me, you are welcome! comments are welcome too.


Edited: 14 Dec 2005, 8:18 p.m.


You have a new member!



And another one!

Merci Michel!



And me :)


And me, but is there really a reason to create yet another forum ?

I wish you success, however (and will put some messages as "needed"). Thks.


What forum exists for TI machines?

Unless Dave goes "bi" brand, discussion of TI issues here (while tolerated to some degree) won't have any real interest.

I think there's an uphill struggle to get people to GO to the TI forum being started, but I'm not sure THIS forum is the proper place for that interest.




there is a TI99er forum on the Net discussing to some degree the CC-40 and TI-74 machines, but I'm not aware of a TI calculator forum. ticalc.org is focused solely on the graphics machines. Most sites which have some info about the older machines or almost dead and most don't have a forum.

But I must admit, while the new forum looks much fancier than this one, this place has a better usability (much less clutter.)



You are right about the non existence of VINTAGE TI forum on the net. That's why i create this on that i hope will have quality members as this one.

You are also right about the presentation of the TI forum, but it's the only one i can find without having to create my own website on my own server like this one. Perhaps i will do it if the TI forum is a good experience.



I've joined. The vintage TI calculators are very interesting. I have more HPs than TIs, but I find the 58/59 family to be a lot of fun. I love the printer attachment for them.


Sorry, wrong place to say nice things about TI. <G>


hi michel,

though your intentions are commendable, i feel i should pass on some warnings.

it looks like your forum is (free) hosted for you. scarily, it also looks like its quite an old version of phpBB2 (the bottom page has copyright is 2002). the latest version is 2.0.18 (www.phpbb.com). pretty soon you will be getting spam posted on your forum – in large quantities and also in a few weeks it could be hacked. badly! furthermore they don’t let you take away SQL backups which means you cant make a personal backup or re-host it somewhere else should you need to do so.

i run phpbb2 over at voidware. even though my forum is obscure, i've been getting an alarming increasing amount of spam. i got 3 today. to fix it i deleted the spam and applied a mod to insist that guest posters enter human-readable verification. i also have such a thing on registration. quite often now i am hacking the code directly – and i have the latest version with the old loopholes supposedly plugged! when i get a moment, i'm going to physically remove the mass mail feature so that if it gets compromised (again) it wont spam my members.

phpBB2 is so popular that there are robots to hack it. and robots to log in as a new user and post spam. you must enable the human readable verification to register ASAP or you are in trouble.

up until last month i was lazy and not rigorous about keeping up the the latest version. i simply thought that i didn’t desperately need any new features. my forum (and many others at the same time out there) was hacked by a turk who changed the front page into a picture of a turk with their national anthem blaring out of the speakers. i had to edit the SQL tables directly to fix it. this came about by exploiting a known loophole in an old version.

my cynical mind wonders if these “free” hosters deliberately court such problems once your site has momentum then require payment to fix it. so watch out!

i do think it’s a good idea though!


Thanks you for tips; i jut put Human verification on account creation.


michel, excellent idea, and the forum really puts smoke in my eyes. however, not because of all these faint memories stirred up again, but reading white on black... ;o)


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