something growing inside 48SX bezel


I can't seem to find any threads about opening the calculator. Very faint 'threadlike' impurities on underside of bezel. Hope this is an open and shut case.(after cleaning of course). Help please.


If it's on the brown painted area, it's a non-cleanable failure of the finish, nothing you can do as cleaning will only remove the affected paint and leave you with bare aluminum. Voyagers (10/11/12/15/16C) develop this worm tracking as well. Perhaps aluminum oxides reacting with the finish?


Thank you for your response. I have something similar on the screen of my Vectra CS portable(clamshell). It looks biological like mold and fans out.


Opening an hp48 S/G is challenging but apparently possible. Various instructions can be found here.


Thanks for your response. I was hoping for something less destructive. I don't have the dexterity or eyesight I once had.


There is a way to open the HP48 without causing any cosmetic damage. This allows access to the PCB. However, if you wish to get underneath the bezel, then the only method is to pry it up, causing much bending and whatnot to the faceplate. In my opinion, I would just leave it be -- cleaning with something like "klear screen" (an LCD, laptop, computer cleaner solution to be applied to a cleaning cloth) is probably the best bet. A few hairlines caused by the worming effect is better than a bent faceplate.


Thanks and I am leaving it alone. Just so you know the 'worming' effect is on the underside of the LCD screen.

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