Hello, I have the hp41cx with this setup: 1 double x-memory modules, 1 novram module with ppc rom flashed and 1 advantage module.
The question is would you change the ppc flash for ccd modified plus sandbox or other 4k virtual module? so far I like very much the ppc rom, and the manual is awesome, but I heard Raymond's ccd mod and sandbox is the best setup.
Also can anyone tell me how many regs should I get with the 16k novram? says 1304 after heproom or hepdir
Any oppinions? thank you


I get 1304 from HEPROOM on my Nov-32 equipped CX. I have CCD OS/X and Toolbox occupying pages A and B on the bank this number comes from, so that is right for 8K (2 pages) of free RAM, which is also what HEPAX 002 shows.

I like the combination of HEPAX + CCD + Sandbox, myself. Since I have the Nov-32, I keep those two modules occupying pages 8-B in one bank, and their abbreviated 4K relatives in pages A and B of the other bank. That lets me use the MLDL features of the HEPAX in that bank, while normally using the 8K variants.

I've had a "real" PPC ROM for some time, and while the manual is instructive and fun to browse, I never had much use for any of the routines. With CCD, I use the extended CAT functions all the time. I haven't settled any of this for myself, though. I've only had the Nov-32 for a few days. 8)


That's pretty much exactely the set-up I have as well [with a rambox, no lucky owner of a NoVram yet:-( ] and love. CCD/OSX + Hepax + SandBox. One could argue for the Full CCD to use Matrix or the Advantage if one needs a lot of other stuff there as well. The CCD/Mod is also cool, yet the functions it has instead of the matrix turn out to be very similar to the SnadBox) Personally I'f use the CCD (either with or without the Matrix, depending on need) And the ToolBox is awesome.

Just 1 cent



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