Do you miss the 48GX?


Hurry up!
There's a bargain waiting for you.

And shipping is free if you use BIN (only within USA, alas).



$2000 USD for a HP 48GX calculator.

$300-400 for a HP 32SII calculator.

roughly the same for a HP 42S calculator.


I'd love to own any one of these, but for what they ask, really, I'd rather go out and buy a HP 33S or HP 49G+


You should buy a 33S and 49G+. They're better anyway.

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You should buy a 33S and 49G+. They're better anyway.

Not really, if you consider the hardware quality of at least the '49g+'...

Just take a look at the related threads in comp.sys.hp48

I doubt there will be any 49g+ still working in ten years;-)



Oh, I already did, and as Paul Brogger mentioned once, among many others here, the 33S is one I generally reach for the most... at work... and I use the 32SII at home only because I'm so used to it.

But the 33S, cosmetics notwithstanding, has really grown on me to the point I love it as much as the 32SII and 34C; the 49G+, though has yet to displace the 48G or G+ in my hands, and I suspect that is only because of familiarity, not so much their function or power.

And you're right, both really ARE better: you can put in longer programs, so long as you conserve labels, but that was the case with ALL HP scientific programmables. It includes a constants library, equation library, which obviates the need to thumb through books and tables, or my own foggy memory. Again, the old ones really are better only in their cosmetic design.

And, equally as good and as important: you can get it for $40-60 USD, which for a machine of this power is a small bargain.


Ignoring the cosmetics of the 33S, it's not surprising that 33s is growing on us because it is based on such a great machine, the 32SII. The 33S just can't be beat for a basic RPN calculator without dropping hundreds of dollars on ebay for an older model that is slower with less memory.


As eBay "price pornography" goes, that one's not bad. I'm sure it's the highest price I've seen for a 48GX + Data Collector + RAM csrd. That combo routinely runs around $400-$500, so this auction is "only" asking for a 5X multiple.


Ciao Massimo,

I have an even more lightly used 48GX (bought it brand new in the year 2000) and a 512K SMI RAM card.

Thinking of selling the whole set for just $1,500.00 and spending the hollidays in Rome... :-)




Ciao Gerson,
good luck for your proposed sale but... don't expect me to be the buyer ;-)
And, BTW, I will spend part of my winter holidays in Rome.



Yes, I had one but lost it several years ago. However, the 49g+ more than makes up for it.


But no more free shipping!



Hehehe, shipping to Switzerland is $135 ;) Do you know better Xmas-presents?


An obvious disciple of P.T. Barnum, it looks like he's trying to find the upper limit of stupidity on eBay by offering progressively lower, but still outrageous prices.

Now, I'd just love to see Coburlin have some sort of seizure and bid at this price. It's pure spite, of course. 8)


I'm not an idiot like you engineers and collectors.


Always a pleasure to have never done a single business transaction with you. Happy Holidays!

Edited: 14 Dec 2005, 5:32 a.m.


Hi, I, Claudius:

From the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia:


    2.Posting derogatory messages about sensitive subjects on newsgroups and chat rooms to bait users into responding.

Do you like taking the bait ? Do you actually believe for a moment that the troll that's posting under the Coburlin alias is the real Coburlin ?

Your namesake, Claudius, used to be a highly intelligent Roman emperor, as portrayed in the eponymous TV series. If you continue to take the bait and feed the troll, which posts for no other reason than to provoke naive people like yourself and rejoyce at their replies, perhaps yould should consider taking on a new, less paradoxical alias.

My only intention in this matter is to try and avoid yet another cascade of postings by the anonymous troll on one side, and the bait-takers on the other, which serves no purpose except to fill up the forum and the archives with garbage, to the troll's great satisfaction. In other words, I feel "verguenza ajena" when I see people like yourself biting the hook.

Best regards from V.


And of course, you couldn't resist the urge to further the subject...

Your point is not without merits, and has been noted. Happy Holidays!


Best regards from V.

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