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Hi, playing around with all the mods that can be found here and TOS, I come accros the CCD Modified, which has some extra functions (CCD Plus) instead of the array functions. Anyone has a QRF or manual for those functions? One can figure out most of them, yet I'd still like to be sure...




(Still hoping to get a QRF also for the ToolBox from Angel, after he gaves us the great SandMath and SandBox QRF's...)


Hi PeterP, all;

At TOS, there is a link to the BLDROM manual, but the link(s) to the actual file(s) in the page itself is(are) missing. Any chance that someone here has it?

There are a few other ROM module manuals available at the MoHPC DVD/CD set, but this one I have not found (did I search it all?). But I am not quite sure if Dave has ROM images available to download... or you refer only to the manuals?

In time: I prefer the classic CCD. When I read the text file after opening the .MOD file, I felt I'd find extra functionality, but I'd never sacrifice the matrix (array) functions. I like the way CCD deals with them.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz,
you have mail!




I'm trying to optimize what to put into my HP for playing around and programming. Angel's Toolbox has a lot of great stuff, but also takes 8k. So believe it or not, I'm running out of pages to put stuff. As I do not use Matrix that often, I was thinking of using the Modified CCD. Another option is to use the CCD /X from Raymond and the Advantage mod. SO many options, so little time!

Anyway, for the CCD Modified, I'm only looking for the manual, the .rom is at TOS.

Now to something completetly different - what is the BLDROM? Would you mind forwarding me Massimo's email?




Mirror is here.

From the cover page:

This rom was intended as a plug in module, unfortunately, the author could not muster the $20,000 investment for such a device. I'm told that later ... HP lowered the cost, oh well. It is now being released or your enjoyment. Try out 64 functions in a 4K handcoded XROM 05

Also on the cover appears a summary of the contents:

  • Utility Functions
  • Single Stepping USer Code Assembler
  • Display Functions
  • Hexadecimal Tools
  • Alpha Functions
  • Nibble Process Fnctions
  • Complex Number Functions
  • Tone Generator
  • LIFO Functions
  • Key Assignment Functions
  • Load Immediate Functions
  • User Code Assembler Functions
  • Some Examples

  • #15

    Actually, the Sandbox ROM takes 8K, but the Toolbox ROM only takes 4K. There's no QR or manual, but the latter looks like a subset of the former, which does have a nice manual. Also see the Alpha ROM which contains the alpha manipulation routines from Sandbox, plus quite a few more, also in 4K.



    You can think of the SandBox as the "condensed" version that spawned these other four:

    - 41Z (4k) - Has its own manual

    - SandMath (8k but 'separable' in two independent blocks) QRG is available

    - ToolBox (4k)

    - ALPHA Rom (4k)

    The "Modified CCD" is also from me. I always found the Matrix functions of the Advantage more suitable for real operation (and more complete with the high-level stuff), so the obvious "problem" was to remove them from the CCD. Many of the replacement functions are also in some of the roms listed above, think of it as an alternative as well.

    Hope this helps to set the record straight.


    Edited: 15 Dec 2005, 5:26 p.m.


    Hi Luis,

    As automatic conversion to .pdf leaves much to be disired, a .doc format (Word 97) Manual is available for Bldrom 1B. If needed, download the free Word viewer from Microsoft.
    Drop me an email and the .doc file will be sent. To get my email click on my name above.

    Best Regards


    Hello, Doug;

    thanks for your time answering me.

    You have mail (hopefully).

    Best regards.

    Luiz (Brazil)

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