Battery for CMT 64k Module for HP-71B


It's unbelievable but the Battery in the old 64k Module
for my HP-71B still shows 2.99V.
(I think I bought the RAM module in 1989).

What kind of battery is it? Who sells replacement cells - just in case it dies over the cours of the next 25 years?

Thanks for your help.

See a picture here.

I appreciate your mail to

( a t )



It's good to know it still measures out to be new after all these years, because I have the same thing. I contacted CMT a couple of years ago, and there was no longer anyone there who even knew what an HP-71 [i]was[/i]. What a shame. Since I never remove mine and I keep good batteries in the computer all the time, that thin shiny battery in the module may never have gotten used. My main concern was just that it not start leaking. But if it's acting new in your case, I suppose it should be fine.

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Thanks for your kind reply. Good to know,
that your module battery is healthy as well.

Imagine asking such a question in a shop:
"Can I expect the backup to last as long as in my HP-71B?"



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