Size of magnetic cards for cardreader



The manual of the cardreader of the HP41 says that I can save 2*16 registers on a card. Are there longer cards available? 32 registers is not that much.



There is no longer card for the 41 card reader. No the card doesn't hold much but then in the HP41 time it was reasonable.


That's a pity. Using the cardreader would be nice. Did somebody try to hack the OS to squeeze more on a card? Like we did on the C-64 with these "turbo" routines for reading and writing files on tape?


After launching the HP41, HP launched the HP-IL loop and it's perpherals, including the digital tae recorder. That device made the card-reader obsolete for serious data collectors. I remember writing and selling a database program for the HP41C that used the digital tape.



Well, I understand. So I will ignore all cardreaders on eBay. ;-)

Thank you for your answers,


Of course there are :-)))

A long insightful article was published by Vassilis here:

Long magnetic cards

Easy to implement, this technology was a giant leap forward to increase the Hp-41C card reader usability :-))

New heights have been reached recently by packing the MLDL2000 in the card reader which finally made it useful.

Please note the :-))) at the end of the sentences.



That's a nice one! Due to your smilies it was easy to spot the deal.
So I'm already asking Meindert to get an MLDL 2000. Seems to make much more sense to me after looking at the other options.


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